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Hello, Decided to set up this blog to share the trials and triumphs of training a performance hunting dog. Piper will be my first Boykin Spaniel but I'm eager to bring her home on June 13th so we can "get to work". Previous to Piper I had the great fortune of training and hunting behind an amazing Chesapeake Bay Retriever names Reina. We recently lost Reina after 12 plus years and she will be missed in the field as well as our home. In addition to Reina, we also lost our lab Tess after a great run of nearly 15 years. While Tess was not as accomplished in the field she never failed to put a smile on the face of everyone she came in contact with. To say Piper has some big shoes to fill would be an understatement but I'm confident she will surpass all our expectations! Piper comes to us from Brandywine Creek Boykin Spaniels in Greenfield IN. Phil and Karen Hinchman, owners of Brandywine Creek Kennels, are very accomplished breeders of Boykin Spaniels and are the home of some of the most decorated Boykins in the history of the breed. I feel fortunate to have been able to connect with them and to bring one of their amazing puppies into our home. I hope you enjoy watching Piper's progress over the coming months but more importantly I hope this will be a location where amateur trainers and Boykin Spaniel fans can come to share tips and stories from the field.

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